In case anyone thought otherwise, President Obama is no lame duck just chilling until he is out of office. Yesterday, he met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss executive action to combat gun violence in America. This will no doubt cause explosive reactions from his opponents.

Back in 2008, during the New Hampshire Democratic Debate on January 5th, reference was made to a survey showing that voters saw Hillary Clinton as the most experienced and most electable candidate. But they “liked” Senator Obama more and saw him as an agent of change.

When New Hampshire voted for Mrs. Clinton that year, they must have known that “likability” really isn’t an important factor in the race for the presidency.

And after 7 years in office, President Obama surely knows that likability and change is a dicey combo. He’s opting for change.

Watch the president’s weekly address from January 1: Making America Safer for Our Children.

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