On January 4, 2008: Hope Over Fear

The day after the 2008 Iowa caucuses, then-Chicago-Tribune reporter Michael Tackett wrote about the win by then-Senator Barack Obama.

“In the end, Iowans voted for a smile,” wrote Tackett, “They chose conciliation over combat, personality over pedigree, hope over fear.”

Tackett noted that voters were “intrigued by a different kind of politics,” and that despite repeated advice pushing Obama to attack his opponent Hillary Clinton, Obama refused.

Throughout his presidency, Mr. Obama has mostly kept smiling - despite a cacophony of despicable words and deeds unleashed by his opponents. Haters gonna hate…

Only time will reveal the true legacy of the Obama Presidency. But after 7 years in office, the president can point to hundreds of accomplishments. And in this his last year, he has pledged to keep working for the American people, and to “leave it out all on the field.”

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