A Surge in Diplomacy

In the Spring of 2008, David Harsanyl of the Denver Post wrote a scathing article about then-Senator Barack Obama’s interest in diplomacy with Iran.
“Either Obama believes his awe-inspiring personality can win over theocratic bigots or, worse, that theocratic bigots are reasonable men. Hubris or clueless, it spells trouble.”

A cup of tea with a thug; David Harsanyi; Denver Post
Early today, Iran announced the release of four American citizens, including a Washington Post reporter, in a prisoner swap. Later, the release of another American citizen was announced. This many-faceted story is lighting up all of the “airwaves” and details are still emerging.

The Prisoner Swap comes after the recent Nuclear Deal with Iran, which came after Severe Economic Sanctions imposed by the U.S. and others almost devastated the country.

As expected, the current Republican presidential candidates are weighing in with negative reactions. In particular, Marco Rubio’s immature and inflammatory comments may eventually embarrass him.

While Rubio and other congressional Republicans were melting down over the Nuclear Deal, Germany and other European countries were rushing to do business deals with Iran.

After years of crippling economic sanctions, Iran is ripe for trade and investment. It is probably true that American investors will soon benefit greatly from this softening of relations with Iran.

President Obama has been opposed to “dumb wars” for a long time. He seems to realize that it is mostly government leaders and rebels who want war; but ordinary people long for lives of peace and prosperity, and yearn for a better future.

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